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CARIFY is Australia’s conclusive source that yields information about automobiles including their values, histories and appraisals. In order to help customers and sellers to make wise decisions, we present a full understanding of the vehicle’s worth and what has happened to it up to this point. How do we know? Because we have an abundance of quality data from heaps of exceptional sources. So go ahead, trust us and shop at ease.

CARIFY tells you the substantial and important facts about the automobiles you search for:

Has the vehicle been registered?
Was the vehicle written off, stolen or damaged?
Is the vehicle on any finance?
Was the vehicle in any reported accidents?
Official PPSR Certificate


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  • Car & Truck Cleaning Equipment &/or Products

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What is a PPSR?

A Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a registration of properties collected in the Australian Government database. It is what all vehicle buyers should obtain before purchasing the car. By doing so, you will protect yourself against buying an encumbered vehicle, but the  

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