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Celemetrix, a specialist test and measurement and consulting services company, provides a range of technical solutions that assist organisations to design, build and assure the performance of Telecommunications & IT networks. Providing services throughout Asia Pacific helps Celemetrix address the latest challenges of the regional market. Our customer base includes the largest Telecommunications, IT and network construction companies.


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Extremely dodgy company. Very un-professional. After sitting through all of their training and being told we would get vans, fuel cards, phones and the necessary tools and equipment to work with, I entered the field with nothing, and it stayed this way for for a few months. In this time there was very little work to do, and the majority of the time we were being paid to sit around and fight over what little work we had the capability to perform, with the complete lack of equipment available. We were often told off for this. In the end a lot of us were fired, in my case the night before Monday morning as I was getting into bed for work, having never seen site of any of the things we were promised to do our job with, and were forced to use our own cars, fuel, and even pay for foldup tables when they didn't even have enough of them. I should add that we were being paid around $10 less per hour than just about any other fiber optics trainee that myself and others talked to out on the field. I'm extremely disappointed by this companie's complete incompetancy. I'm quite young and new to the world, but from my perspective it felt like I was working for children.

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