Changing Gears NPO

Changing Gears NPO

Personal services

3652 West Lincolnshire Boulevard, Toledo, OH 43606

ABN 4137912
EST 2018


Changing Gears NPO is a non-profit organization located in Toledo OH with a mission to provide resources and tools to help keep the community productive.

We are a personal and professional development service and under that umbrella I have placed special focus on women who have had weight-loss surgery.

The bariatric subgroup needs additional attention after weight-loss surgery so new habits, ideas and perspectives can be formed. This reduces the chance of regain and transfer addiction.

As a JMT certified trainer, coach and speaker I enjoy accelerating transformation through communication and leadership skills. As an ACE certified personal trainer and weight management specialist, I customize programs that meet people right there they are.

Knowledge is being smart physically, mentally and spiritually. I have various degrees that has groomed me to be qualified in a wholistic approach and a SME.