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Chat Metrics helps B2B SaaS Companies Book 25% more Demos from their existing website traffic, Without Spending One More Dime on Advertising. Conversation as a Service (CaaS), Connect in real-time with your customers.
We Help SaaS Businesses Get More Qualified Leads, Booked Demos And Signups.

Conversation as a Service (CaaS) solution is offered to businesses that intend to provide instant and round the clock sales and customer support assistance to their website visitors in real-time. The objective of Conversation as a Service (CaaS) is to provide one-on-one real-time conversations from Online Sales Representatives (OSEs) to website visitors using Live Chat Software. The OSEs of Conversation as a Service (CaaS) would make friendly and professional conversations with website visitors and drive them to the website’s objective like 1. Booking Demos, 2. Signing up for free-trials, 3. Obtaining Sales Qualified Leads etc.