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classic holidays reviews

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 Level 4 Bermuda Point 1 Lake Orr Drive, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227

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Classic Holidays is hitting the road again over the next few months to present the popular Rediscover Expos throughout 2016, to educate and inspire members across Australia and New Zealand.

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I signed up membership for 15 years being excited about the benefit of membership. Membership was presented to me stating i will experience world class experience having people to book my holidays and i can sit back and enjoy my holidays. In reality when you email for any help they don't respond for weeks. When you ask for flight quote they ask you to pay deposit. When u request for information they ask you to go online. When u ask to use so called free 7 days stay gift which u get while signing up they tell you all restrictions of time and place and read terms and conditions. Not worth it :-(

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Hi there I visited the head office a lovely lady by the name of Rochelle picked us up from the Beach House this morning. Unfortunately we did not get to have a guided tour we were given lunch then Rochelle drove us back to the Beach House. So I can only say the receptionist was very nice plus Rochelle was lovely. Regards Catherine Keel Membership 4513

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So we signed up for classic holidays 3ys ago. Bought the big package...was a big chunk to pay at the time but did finally pay it off. We have been able to use the club regularly since and have saved a lot...still have a way to go before it pays for its self. Big savings we were overseas and needed places to stay at various points always able to secure a fairly decent 4star for about $100AU a night saved heaps in the USA, have used it around Australia always saving a good amount- whether it be up the east coast or in land beaches or snow it’s working for us...wife books 3 and 6months in advance and we have been able to do that with the savings we make and save the spending money by the time it comes around. Right this minute we are on the Gold Coast opposite the water staying in golden shores 2BR. Has a pool, sauna spa kids games room,free bike hire and we wanted to play tennis and they sent us to a near by classic hotel that had a tennis court...yippee! Pool has a BBQ. They have Foxtel on not that we have time to watch TV...the kitchen has everything you need to cook what ever you want (just add groceries) The bathroom also doubles as laundry with a sink,washing machine and dryer. Just perfect. So yeah classic holidays is a good deal and don’t listen to the bad critical reviews just look and decide for yourself. if you think you will get bonus time all the time and cheap holidays that are almost give aways than it’s not for you. It’s a cost saver if you have paid full price to 4-5star accomodation and can afford that then this is a good deal to save considerably. But if $100-200 a night is way over your budget then classic holidays is not for you. You need to spend to save. If $700 a week is cheap for accomodation for you than classic has somthing to offer you and make you happy. We do more holidays and have more spending money thanks to classic and we gift our friends and family members so it works for us!!! Enjoy hope this was helpful.

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We joined this club 10 years ago and have not used their services for a number of years as there are better deals on line with no fees and their holiday club no longer suits our needs. We phoned to advise we wouldn't renew membership after our annual fee payment in June 2017 as this was the end of our 10 year membership. Imagine our surprise when we received another anual fee notice for 2018. We phoned to query this invoice and they advised they are now charging us to November 2018 as this was the month we joined and they have decided we now have to pay fees until then. Their holiday packages are no more reasonably priced than other online sites and it is impossible to quit their incessant fees even when their services don't suit your needs. Be very wary before signing up. They are leaches and will go to any length to get every cent out of you. Very disappointing.

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This is a scam. Don't go in, it's a hard sell for time share with a very big price tag. Lots of reviews on line about problems & cost. We escaped & saved a fortune.

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