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Providing credit card repair service, you know why are you going to choose us, because you don't want to be in "Credit Prison" anymore. We are the best company in Australia because we analyze and monitor our competitors, which can't offer you service like us. Less Stress - More Pleasure.

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I Sell Words

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My parcel went to the wrong address, spent a week at Kooringal post office despite 3 requests for redirection. It has gone back to Chullora and seems to be having a rest there. Today I stormed their high-security you-beaut building and got to the admin centre, where they all stopped work(Were they working?) to try to get me out. One angry lady and 4 security guards and threats of police intervention. They could have got rid of me in a flash if they had told me where my parcel was, but the lady told the man concerned not to look until I was out of there. So it all got a bit circular, until the man told me it was on its way back to the wrong address in Wagga. But he may have been misinforming me, of course. Anyway, what are they all doing in there? About my parcel.....I rang the 131318 number twice, and they are having a search. Case no 21884790. There is a number for the Chullora centre, but it rings on unanswered. By the way, I want to make two points about their high security... 1) WHY? They are just sitting at their computers. A customer service desk is needed, not a high security system. 2). It doesn’t work. I just walked straight in. A senior gentleman saw me off the premises and I suggested he look at angry customer comments on their website. He told me they are mostly untrue. So, brainwashed, as well.

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My recent parcel was stuck at Chullora post office. Got a text yesterday saying my parcel was coming today, and said it required a signature. On the day my parcel arrived they never bothered and stuck a collection at post office note in my mailbox. Check tracking and they say it didn't require a signature but they'll leave it at the door if nobody as home. Absolutely useless.

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I ordered a parcel from Melbourne and paid for Express Post to Qld. It was scanned at the Melbourne mail facility on Monday 12th Nov then proceeded to Chullora Mail Centre (also known as the Bermuda Triangle. Your parcels go in but never come out). It was scanned 3 times at Chullora over 3 days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There has been no update since then. I contacted Australia Post and they have "launched an investigation". They probably rang Angela Lansbury! My parcel should have arrrived yesterday. No one has a clue what is going on. I then got a text to say they will contact me shortly. Again nothing! For goodness sake if anyone out there is going on a driving holiday do not drive into Chullora. You'll never be seen again. So much for the extra cost of Express Post! I should have given it to Cliff Clavin! Hopeless!

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They have returnednmy parcel to sender 3 times now with no explanation. I expect more from the countries postal service.

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Expecting package overseas. Took 8 days in transit from China to Australia on standard International. Arrived in Chullora, NSW April 4, launched a missing parcels enquiry, which was closed off before resolution. Still waiting on parcel to arrive - it has been almost a month since it arrived in Australia. I live in Victoria. Update (10.09.18) parcel never arrived. Had to get a new parcel sent using different carrier.

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