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Our services are designed to meet the needs of organisations that would normally consider professional commercial advice to be out of their financial reach. We pride ourselves on being one of the only consulting firms whose services are in reach of any business. Specifically we work with our clients to help improve their business performance across the areas of Strategy Development, Business Planning, Performance Management, Managerial Finance, Human Resource Management.




A clear and well thought out strategy is the blueprint for your business's future success. Whether you are looking to grow in your current market, expand and diverse into new areas, or simply consolidate your current position, a clear strategy is key. We can work with you through part or all of the strategy development and review process and provide guidance across key areas including: Vision and mission setting, business model design, competitive threat assessment, and environmental scanning  




Over 70% of strategies fail to deliver what they set out to achieve. Why? Not because they are bad strategies, but because they are poorly executed, with the actions needed to deliver on the strategy unclear. Your business plan should be the roadmap to your success. Our approach to business planning looks to take the high level direction set by the strategy and translate this into a clear, tangible work plan.  




We provide the clear financial insight and advice your business needs to meet its future goals. We provide guidance on how your business can make smarter, more commercial financial decisions. In particular we can: align your strategy to your financial position, conduct financial health checks, advise on business case development, advise on cash flow optimisation, advise on supply chain and inventory optimisation and advise on mergers and acquisitions  




As the timeless saying goes, what gets measured gets done. There is no point having goals and objectives if you never track your progress. We work with clients to identify key measures of success that track performance across all levels of their organisation, ensuring that their business is focusing on what matters, and not on distractions that do not add value.  




Everyone knows that staff are a business’s greatest asset. But regardless of how good your strategy is, or how detailed your business plan is, your business will not reach its full potential if your staff are not engaged and aligned. Often this can be difficult in times of change and uncertainty. As part of our end to end process we can provide advice on how to cascade your business objectives down to individual employees, while at the same time building a strong workplace culture.  





We also offer a range of additional services including facilitation and in house training course. Training courses can be tailored to your needs, but a few of the more common ones include: Foundations in commercial acumen and Foundations in performance management  


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Do I need to hire an accountant with a CPA?

While you do not NEED to hire an accountant with a CPA, I would strongly recommended it. let me put it this way, you do not NEED to send your car to qualified mechanic to get fixed, you could get your friend to do it and they may or may not have the...

Neil Halls answered a question

Do you need a business plan in writing?

The simple answer is YES you do need a business plan!The term business plan gets thrown around a lot, and means different things to different people. Often when people talk about needing a plan to secure funding etc, they are actually talking...

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How important was cash flow to Vinomofo?

Simple Answer, Cahsflow is King. We have come across many business were Cashflow problems have caused profitable businesses to get into difficulty. Almost always, that difficulty can be avoidedWe have a blog on our website which talks about this...

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How do you cut costs in your business?

Without knowing more about your business, this is almost impossible to answer specifically. However, a couple of generic things to look at:What are your fixed verse variable costs? Fixed costs are the costs you incur everyday, regardless of how many...

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What advice can you give to small startups?

Ultimately, this all comes down to your business model, and specifically your value proposition.In simple terms as a small start up competing against a larger incumbent, you need to be crystal clear about what it is you do that will differentiate...

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How do you prefer to get feedback and/or recognition?

This is something every workplace must do, unfortunately in our experience most of them do it poorly!!The most important point I will make it that feedback must be a continuous conversation, whether it is for positive or negative feedback. Too...

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Neil Halls Director


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