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Click Click Media has gained from working with the excellent data provided by Google through their AdWords campaigns enables them to make informed decisions when developing associated strategies for SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media. The websites and landing pages they create, develop, and modify for online marketing campaigns are designed with this knowledge in mind, having conversion optimisation as a focus.


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What is the best way to tell customers about changes to contact details?

Hi Amanda,  I am not sure if you are currently do this, but if you have newsletter/email campaign, that you can send everyone in your CRM about your number and website would probably the best and fastest way.  Also, make sure you update and post it...

Answered by Ashleigh Betvardeh

What is better - SEO, Google Adwords or social media?

Hi Jayson, choosing the right online marketing strategy depends heavily on your goals and budget. If it is for direct response, and quickly then AdWords, after running an AdWords account, you can use those keywords in SEO - which is a long-term...

Answered by Ashleigh Betvardeh



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