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Coaster Group takes innovative thinking and challenging ideas to their maximum potential. We provide the support, advice and energy needed to any project to make sure it comes to life. We believe in achieving the most we are capable of. There is no excuse for simply meeting the criteria and checking the boxes. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and how we see the world are key to what Coaster does. From advice, to capability building and accelerator programs, Coaster is your ideal partner.


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When should a business focus on growth over profits?

I have to respectfully disagree with Roland. Firstly, not turning a profit when the business reinvests to allow growth is the way many businesses secure their future. And, suggesting that Amazon (or Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tesla etc)...

Answered by Andrew Snell

What drives customers and users to spread the word about particular products and brands?

There are always different triggers based on the audience you're talking to. At its core though, there is one top-level notion that, if you focus on, lets you "plan for word of mouth"Be authentic, Have a conversationThere is so much choice in just...

Answered by Andrew Snell

What is the biggest difference between successful small businesses and successful chains/franchises?

Hi Yee,An interesting thought - and one entrepreneurs face a lot, in my experience. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard "Surely you just need to sell more"!)I think the first part of your question has been covered, the difference at it's core...

Answered by Andrew Snell




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