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Custodian Safety Services endeavors to show businesses and companies the way to go with OHS management by providing professional, practicable and value driven OHS services. We specialise in the commercial and civil construction industries but our range of services extend to other sectors such as the Waste and Recycling, Aged Care and white collar corporate. We deliver tailored, up to date and standard compliant OHS management systems and consultancy in a professional yet practicable manner.

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System

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Why Your Business Should Invest in OHS

Why Your Business Should Invest in OHS

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Cathal Uniacke answered a question

Which is Australia's riskiest industry according to major insurers?

The answer to this question based on the WorkCover claims statistics across all industries as per a number of Victoria's largest Insurers is  - the Aged Care Industry. Does this come as a surprise?

Cathal Uniacke answered a question

Do you know where your business stands with the new laws?

Hi Guys, Just to play the role of the devils advocate here. I'm all for the development and prosperity of small business as know it's the heartbeat of the Australian economy and as as a small business owner myself based in Victoria know how...


Cathal Uniacke

Cathal Uniacke Principal OHS Consultant


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