26 Activity Street, Maryborough West, QLD 4650

ABN 87620859556
EST 2017


Daywalk is a fully Australian owned company with a growing global supply chain. Our entire evolution has been built on a foundation of trust from our original engineering service company, SMS Omni-feed, through to Omni-tuff and now Daywalk as we advance to a future fueled by new logistics frontiers.

The Daywalk team always applies steadfast commitment to the design and supply of long-term packaging and protection systems that guarantee peak performance for customers. Through decades of honed experience, we’ve developed Performance Pillars ensuring we stay on track internally as a company and externally as a loyal design logistics partner. In a heavy industry world that relies on consistency through reliability, there are no shortcuts. Ingenuity, know-how, integrity and hard work are what get the job done at the end of every Daywalk day.


  • Coatings-Protective
  • Pallets & Platforms