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Diamond Strata Management Services Pty Ltd

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Diamond Strata Management Services specialise in strata management services in Perth and across Western Australia for both Residential and Commercial Strata Schemes. We can take the weight off your shoulders, provide you with peace of mind and give you time to get on with your life whilst protecting your asset.


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Helen Leeson

Met Michelle at tonight's AGM, and she runs everything very well 🙂

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deathbro yosick

Strata company. Overcharges after a few years. Enforces fines thatvarent in Bylaws. Does not follow laws and misinforms strata council.

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Samantha Jasmin

Incompetent company, who are quick to send lawyers letters for fees you had no idea about, however not smart enough to read paperwork to send an email or phone or send a letter. Asked nicely for a simple fee to be waived because it was not my fault I was not aware the strata fees were in arrears. Instead they made every excuse under the sun that they were not to blame. Would have been ok to bear the cost had they had just apologised. Worst customer experience with any strata company and that's saying a lot. At all cost AVOID!

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frolic flair

Very sad as customer... i agree with the previous post on how fast they sent "LegaL sue-ing Letter" but NOT the statement fee notice... I have NOT received any paper statement(s) since the last bill I paid... My family & I are all Law Abiding Citizens... We ALWAYS Paid every Bill that comes to our mailbox & we feel very very "offended" when we found LegaL Letter instead of Strata Fee Statement --- we would pay for the bills --- but not with a peaceful mind/heart

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Jason Tyrls

Good strata service's



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