Dictate Australia Pty LtdThe Entrance, NSW 2261

Dictate Australia Pty Ltd


The Entrance, NSW, 2261

ABN 22133169534
EST 2003


We provide digital voice recording solutions Australia wide. Digital voice recorders for meetings, interviews, focus groups, lectures and conferences. Specialised digital dictaphones for the legal and medical industry for dictation of letters and notes. We are an Olympus Australia Authorised Gold Reseller and specialise in the complete range of Olympus Audio equipment covering recorders, transcription kits and music recorders. Interested in voice-to-text? We are Nuance Certified Gold Resellers providing Dragon solutions for Mac and Windows users in commercial, government and education sectors.

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Dave Holmes answered a question

Can anyone suggest the best products to sell online?

Yep great answers, passion and niche as already mentioned are key. You need to stand out from the competition and when you are niche you have less competition so easier to grow into that market. One more I would add is know your products and their...

Dave Holmes answered a question

What should I look for in a Web hosting partner?

Some great answers above. I agree totally with Russell's first comment, Great Support, its essential. Yep the other points made are all valid too, infrastructure, no fly-by-nights etc. Recommendations go along way so ask around and get people...

Dave Holmes answered a question

Has anyone used Shopify for their eCommerce site?

Yep I use Shopify, I converted over from an old osCommerce self hosted store about 16 months ago. No complaints, it is very easy to use and the many templates look good and are easy to work with. Can be a little pricey but i'm happy that I no longer...

Dave Holmes answered a question

Can someone recommend a good password management system?

I'm a fan of 1Password which works great on our Mac and iPhones, I think they have a solution for Windows also. Password data is stored in your Dropbox so can be easily but securely accessed from a few devices. We also use it to store purchased...

Dave Holmes answered a question

How do you set up a blog?

For my business I operate two blogs, a main blog and a summary blog. My main blog is a WordPress site, self hosted and uses a different domain name from my main business. I was forced into this rather than choice as I operate an eCommerce site and...

Dave Holmes answered a question

What are the best options for hosting data files?

I'm a big fan of Google. We use Google for business so get to use our own domain names for our emails and Google docs is an excellent platform for file storage of all kinds. Google for business is only US$50 per email so very affordable for small...

Dave Holmes answered a question

Your opinion on sites like Wix, Square Space, BigCommerce

I moved from a self hosted osCommerce site to Shopify about a year ago and love it. Good to see Shopify mentioned above a few times. Agree also, not just for cash strapped but for more cash savvy businesses. Software/sites as a service is where we...

Dave Holmes answered a question

What are Top 5 issues you deal with as a small business owner?

Yes I am struggling with 5, so here are my spring to minds... 1. Cash flow, as usual, don't think this will ever change for any of us...  2. Staff. Finding staff with the passion and ethics of the business owner is tricky. 3. Where to focus...

Dave Holmes answered a question

What is the most effective way to drive traffic on a budget?

I agree with Wendy, blogging is a great way to drive traffic and for me it works really well. My business is fairly specialised, we sell voice recording equipment so for example dictaphones for doctors and lawyers, voice recorders for journos,...

Dave Holmes answered a question

Can you share your Top 3 Money Saving Tips in business?

1. Ditch the landline, move to VoIP.  2. Get the right accountant. We struggled for years with a couple of accountants who were the wrong fit, cost us dearly. Now we have a good one, we are seeing the benefits. 3. Buy an office with your Super...

Dave Holmes answered a question

What accounting software package should a small business use?

We recently switched our businesses from MYOB (release 16 I think) to Xero. I have been keen to switch to a cloud accounting package for a while, we looked at Saasu for a while but in the end went with Xero. For us the bug bear with MYOB was using...

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