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Advice, information, tools and assistance to grow and maintain your business success.

My mission is simple – to help you to quickly develop and realise business opportunities using the Internet. I work with you to build your knowledge and understanding of Internet business. But even more importantly, I will help you successfully apply serious Internet horsepower to your unique business situation for fast ROI.

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Tony Zilles answered a question

Does anyone know how to make a editable pdf file for my online program?

There are two angles to your question regarding an "editable" PDF. Interactive PDFThe situation you describe is requires an interactive PDF where the page includes form elements. Users can enter data into the page and then send it to you. The extent...

Tony Zilles answered a question

Where do I start looking to obtain my web address?

We refer our clients to if just after a domain name. Be sure to get the DNS Zone Manager option - it's free.Vast range of TLDs. Domain registration privacy is also available domains.If purchasing a domain name as...

Tony Zilles answered a question

How can I speed-up the collection of receivables?

Eugene,Payment for your services is a completely fair transaction. Payment in advance is reasonable if you need to do a lot of work or have unrecoverable outlays before you can deliver. Payment on delivery is a reasonable demand under any...