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Discovery Campervans is an Australian-owned company which offers vehicle rentals. They specialise in organising campervan holidays in the USA & New Zealand. Discovery Campervan's team of holiday specialists assure its customers a smooth & seamless campervan rental experience. Its campervan hire Australia packages are cheaper compared to its competitors, with no hidden costs. Customers also have the option to choose the vehicle for their next vacation. Relax. Booking with us is just a click away.


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Jim Nolan

We rented a Camperman Paradise 5 with shower campervan from Discovery Campervans. The vehicle had some wear and tear, but nothing major. The inside was clean, and it came with everything we needed - kitchen ware, bedding and towels. The only thing it didn’t have was toilet paper (no biggie, just bought some at our first supplies stop). The fridge stayed nice and cold the entire trip. Gas mileage was good between 18 to 20 mpg even completely loaded with all our stuff, 2 adults and 2 kids. I was told to check the fluids, which I did, and did not have to add anything. The van drove nicely was a bit squirrely in the wind, but that is to be expected with the high top. Beware of going into cities, you probably won’t find parking that can accommodate the height. The van had the toll device for the toll roads so don’t panic like we did looking for cash, they don’t have toll booths anyway. The two kids slept up top because it was a bit claustrophobic for me to be up there. The bottom bed is very spacious and fit my wife and I with plenty of room. The only other issue is the upper bunk, when setup it blocks the door to the toilet. Since the kids were up there, we just didn’t extend the bed all the way. Plenty of light, except the bathroom, there’s no light in there. Also, check and see if the last person left you any cooking gas. I went to several places to see if they filled the tank, only to find that there was gas in the bottle. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is they hit me with an $80 charge for being late on my pickup time. I don’t recall seeing anything about being on exact time for the pickup, we were just getting off a 27 hour trip and really had no idea for sure when we’d get there. Overall a good experience.

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Chris Richards

Paid top dollar for newer britz Maui camper. Looked like it had been used as a dodgem car. Shower was blocked up and flooded first use. Had to clean someone's hair and soap from pipework. Bbq had busted gas hose and could not be used. Very ordinary.

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Cooper Wilson Wilson

Regret using these guys...

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Marilize Diedericks

Lovely to deal with - we enjoyed our campervan holiday! Thank you Discovery



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