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We offer a logical alternative to advertising your personal mobile number. A landline number that diverts calls directly to your mobile. This allows you to use your mobile to receive calls but keeps your personal mobile number private. Features like welcome greetings makes your operation look more established whilst business hours filtering ensures your work life balance. Be in control of how and when your contacted.


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Burnie Garcia

FANTASTIC! Very simple to set up. I wish that we had this service set up years ago. Great value! Thank you Steve and team at Divert To Mobile for your wonderful service :D

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Carly Bowden

Great service. I really needed this service to set up my business before I had an office. Customer service excellent.

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Lulu Pinkus

Great products and service, recommended.

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David Key

My business has been using Divert to mobile for the last 18 months and I'v never had one issue with the system. Our original intention was to only use Divert To Mobile for a few month until we got a popper phone system installed, but because their system is so easy and efficient we are sticking with this system. Highly recommended! Dave @ Airfare Geeks

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Aaron Z

Fantastic Service. Great for businesses starting out and wanting to be taken seriously with a professional phone number. Highly recommend Steve and the team at DivertToMobile.



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