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Looking for the best dentists in Doncaster & Box Hill? No need to look further else, as Doncaster Hill Dental is located near you for your oral care.

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Kelly Brown

A little lack-lustre with service. No six-monthly check up reminder, no referrals, no advice re: cause/prevention of gum disease. Just: "You need a root canal and you must floss everyday. Thank you, come again" Put a 'temp' filling for a root-canal I did not want. Tooth was great for 3 months, then filling wore away and tooth started moving again. Have seen a periodontist and they say a root canal will not help as the problem lies withing the bone/socket. I just wish Lavonne had have referred me to a periodontist a year ago instead of trying to charge me $3,000 for a glorified filling that probably would have fallen out. Not happy.

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Samantha Wang

Amazing and professional service, friendly and helpful staff. They make me feel comfortable and relax. Best dental clinic I have ever been! They open on Saturday, this is very convenient!

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Mehdi Gholizadeh

This is a lovely dental clinic. I was there today and they were fantastic, like always. 👌🌹

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Mei Soo

I have had many bad experiences in the past with other dental clinics, but Doncaster Hill Dental was by far the most pleasurable! It was inexplicably clean, the staff were so welcoming, reassuring and friendly. The hospitality there was extremely pleasant. You can also watch any shows you like on Netflix as you get your teeth cleaned so that was a bonus! Thanks again, I will see you again at my next appointment.

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Grace Wong

Friendly staff always put me at ease and I am impressed with the professionalism of Dr Lavonne. I had serious gum disease and was not treated properly despite regular dentist checkups in the past. She was honest and upfront with me so I can look into the situation seriously. I was brief about the treatment plan and cost, and was explained the proper way of brushing cleaning including brushing, flossing and using pikster. As a patient I'm impressed with the education I get here, not just the service but the useful knowledge.



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