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Dr Leila Zamani, an affordable dentist Melbourne CBD, loves when her patients walk out with glowing smiles. Her teeth whitening Melbourne services have helped numerous patients achieve radiant smiles in a suitable, relaxed, and personalised manner. Our east Melbourne dentist clinic has helped hundreds of Melbournians in achieving a perfect dental health. People from all across east Melbourne and Melbourne CBD often frequent us in need of a comprehensive dental solution.


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Mason Asadi

Dr Leila has been my dentist since 5 years ago. She also takes care of my family as well. We have visited her several times and we trust her work and her advice completely. Highly recommended.

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Ruihao Liu

I received excellent dental care from Dr Leila Zamani. She was so gentle and professional that I did not feel any pain or discomfort at all. She truly was one of the best dentists I have ever been treated by in my life.

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Liz Percoco

Leila has been my dentist for over 10 years now. I no longer work in the city but I make the effort to go in to see a very thorough dentist. I have never had a problem with treatments from Leila, of which a root canal was one of them. I have heard some bad stories of friends who have had root canal treatment that got infected and caused other problems. I feel very fortunate my experience was good with Leila. I would highly recommend her for any dental treatment.

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Annette Evans

I have been going to Leila for the last 8 years, she is not only an excellent dentist also very punctual and honest. Highly recommended.

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Excellent dentist. Ridiculous price. Charged $385 for a clean and scale. Break down as shown on receipt: Examination $90 Remove calculus $175 (this is a general clean) Tropical agent $20 (general solution after clean) X-ray x2 $100 Admittedly I didn’t ask before hand, hence my shock, but, at no point before/during the appointment was I informed of the prices. Very disappointing. Won’t return.



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