EcoActiv Pty Ltd

EcoActiv Pty Ltd

Electricity, gas, water and waste services

Canterbury, VIC, 3126

ABN 47104728985
EST 1999


EcoActiv provides whole of house, whole of business, whole of building, disposal solutions. We provide rubbish removal, electronic waste (e-waste) and solar panel recycling services Australia-wide. Our services are for anyone, in any environment, looking to offload items they no longer want or need.

We accept and recycle a broad range of categories including electronics, appliances, furniture, apparel and textiles, and more!

What you get with EcoActiv
• Dispose of any item, in any condition – whether electronic waste or hard waste. Working or not working.
• Different disposal options for all your unwanted items, such as recycling and donating. We try to give your items a second life and divert it from landfill.
• Pick up from any location – whether from a home or office location, weekday or weekend.
• National network of drop-off locations so there’s always a collection point that is nearby and convenient for you to get to.
• Affordable disposal solutions all year round.


  • Recycling Services
  • Waste Reduction and Disposal Services