Eden King Lawyers Pty Ltd

Eden King Lawyers Pty Ltd


1 Rider Boulevard, Rhodes, NSW  2138

ABN 18625886080
EST 2018


Eden King Lawyers has a certain motto, strategy, integrity, and success. We offer long term value, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions to our Clients.

We are a small business and understand what other small businesses, families, and individuals are working hard to achieve. At Eden King Lawyers, we offer our clients the option of having our lawyers available when you need us, whether it be for ongoing management, a new beginning, resolving a dispute, or simply for the occasional advice.

Our Lawyer Services

1. Family Lawyers
2. Personal Injury Lawyers
3. Criminal Lawyers
4. Commercial/Business Lawyers
5. Will and Probate
6. Estate Planning
7. Litigation Lawyer
8. Lease and Property
9. Conveyancing Lawyers

By offering a wide range of specialised services, we provide you with the finest legal representation in matters related to family law in the area.