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Enviroprep Abrasive Blasting

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EnviroPrep Media Blasting is a company specialising in Abrasive Blasting in and around the Northern parts of South East Queensland from Redcliffe in Brisbane to Gympie including the Sunshine Coast and inland as far as Kingaroy. However we do travel outside of these areas also. Wet Blasting also known as Vapour Blasting or Dustless Blasting is similar to dry blasting or sandblasting with the introduction of water as a third element. By adding water to the process we achieve a much higher surface


Automotive Services

Abrasive Blasting

Automotive Services  

Wants to redeem your dearest and expensive car without being damaged the surface? Enviroprep can provide a solution for that problem.

We ensure you that with the use of our tool and eco-friendly abrasive after our dustless blasting process, your antique car will never be the same again.
We also offer car repair and car paint across Brisbane and Queensland.


Rust Removal

Abrasive Blasting

Rust Removal  

When it comes to Rust Removal then Abrasive Blasting might be just what you are after. Abrasive blasting removes rust using a combination of compressed air, water and abrasive material such as recycled glass or granite on the affected rusty surface.
Due to the high velocity of the abrasive material forced out by the compressed air causes the impact of these high velocity particles to strip back rust leaving a clean, ready to paint surface.


Graffiti Removal

Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Graffiti Removal  

Enviroprep Brick Graffiti Removal service is a cost effective, fast, and easy way to remove aweful Graffiti illustrations from establishments including businesses, schools, and residential areas. We use state of the art equipments and non-toxic and eco-friendly abrasives to ensure that we do not harm the environment as we deal with graffiti removal.


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