eVestigator Cyber Forensic IT-Expert WitnessBayswater, VIC 3153

eVestigator Cyber Forensic IT-Expert Witness

Information and communication technology

Bayswater, VIC, 3153

ABN 21 136 181 989
EST 2009


Simon Smith is known as eVestigator® and can be contacted on +61410643121. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur and a master programmer, who climbed up the ranks to become an astute businessman, which includes his conclusive hands on experience working with real cases of cyber forensic investigations, cyber security, cyber bullying, hi-tech computer crime, cyber-scams, tracing cyber criminals, white collar crime and e-Fraud. He is a master of true Cyber-behaviour counterintelligence.

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Simon Smith answered a question

HowTo Dismiss an Employee

Hi, are you in Australia? This is not law so to speak. In Australia an advocate (I am a workplace forensic investigator/mediator and conciliator and get far better results) attends a phone conciliation if they try unfair dismissal on you. You need...

Simon Smith answered a question

How can I get more customers into my cafe?

As it is a physical business that is location based you can't go past letterbox drops and specials of certain items on slower days of the week. Such items should be partial meals or 2 for 1 so they are not abused. Remember in business cost is...

Simon Smith answered a question

How do I find a small business mentor?

This may sound crazy but an entrepreneur does not have a mentor. I had a dream. I had a purpose. No person stood in my way. I found I could rely on nobody. I found that maybe it was my bad luck but nothing is for nothing and nobody truly gives...



Rugged Computing

Wouldn't it be great if you can use your PC anywhere you need to go without running out of battery halfway? Wouldn't it be great to be able to bring your PC to anywhere you need to go, even on job sites that are dusty, muddy or even wet? Rugged Computing specialized in rugged computers that...


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