Evolved Sound

Evolved Sound

Marketing and communications

5A Hartnett Cl Monash, Mulgrave, VIC 3170

ABN 41 354 776 251
EST 2001


When you need to reduce telephone hang ups, maximise communication opportunities in your store, and receive strategic marketing advice, Evolved Sound delivers results. We tailor radio stations for business, helping you build customer relationships, increase sales and sound fantastic.

Our key services include messages on hold, in store music, voice overs, audio books, IVR recording services, editing services, music on hold, telephone on hold equipment, retail background music, creative writing for audio projects, narrations, telephone on hold

Industry Specialty

  • Video Production
  • Audiologists
  • Marketing Services & Consultants
  • Music-Background


Evolved IVR Service
Telephone Recorded Information Services

Evolved IVR Service  

Evolved Sound has extensive experience in creating IVR recordings for businesses of all sizes.

IVR recordings are typically utlised for auto attendants, automated kiosks, point of sale, instructional movies, multimedia presentations and interactive exhibits just to name a few.  


Evolved Voice Over Service
Video Production

Evolved Voice Over Service  

A Total Voice Over Service for all types of applications.  


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Which geographical areas does your business service?

Australia and New Zealand.

What are your customers` most frequently asked questions?

How often should I update my on hold messages? As a general guide we recommend updating at least 2 to 3 times per year in line with your business changes. Will you write my message script? We can provide a professional script writing service.


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Tradies, are platforms like Service Seeking, Hipages and Airtasker great for leads?

Very few are good for licensed / skilled labour, so it is buyer beware. Some platforms take a huge commission, so nothing beats trying to engage the tradesperson directly, which is a win for both in parties in most cases.

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Any memorable radio Ads by businesses stuck in your mind?

The Blind Factory one - possibly a bit annoying but very catchy and I'm sure effective. Many have done well with creating sing along and memorable jingles.

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What are the advantages, disadvantages and risk of using cloud accounting?

As long as you take all the necessary security measures with your logins and who has access to your data, generally the advantages far outweight any disadvantages.If you and your accountant only require access, and you have low transaction activity...

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Which is the best CRM software for a new company?

Zoho is a good middle of the road CRM which can do a lot out of the box reliabily. Pipedrive CRM is sales focused, so lacks many other core features your will expect and need from a CRM. Sugar CRM is excellent if you have lot of development...

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Do you need accountants to help write business plans?

If your accountant has run a similar business to yours, or mentored good success to other similar busineses to yours they could be a good avenue to help you write your business plan. Otherwise it isn't their main area of expertise.

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Who's best in customer service Xero, MYOB, Reckon or Saasu?

Generally we have found the Saasu support very fast and responsive.

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What is Bitcoin and how can I use it?

They are many similar digital currencies, however bitcoin seems to be the most well known of them all.It is a more an underground digital currency. With that said its transactions underpin a growing economy which can't be ignored either. As...

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How do I choose the best web hosting company?

Ask your web designer or IT helpfer if you are using one. Google search can be risky as you'll be flooded and the top ranking ones may not correlate to the best solution for you.When you have narrowed down a couple options normally you can dig up...

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Is your bookeeping and accounting done by the same company or do you use different companies?

One company responsible for both aspects is OK but not same person. Separate companies and different people for each could help keep everyone fully accountable :)

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Any recommendations for businesses who do company valuation?

I have a very credible and indepependant contact who can assist with this. He prepares formal business valuations for any small to medium businesses. He works in association with lawyers in the divorce, commercial law, business law, areas where...

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How do I come up with a business name?

Narrow it down with a mind map process. Focus on uniqueness, easy to spell, word associations / relevance to business etc.Then when you narrow down some options it is best to see if the related company / trading names / domains names are available...

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Should you start with small projects or go big with a new freelancer?

Starting small as a test on skill, professionalism and attitude is the best first step. The whole probation (or prove your worth) thing applies to most new contractor experiences, as it would in the traditional word too.

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Do I need a lawyer to start a business?

If you have never ran a business then YES. Best to get the foundation right (including legals) from the beginning as it can be very costly to untangle in future if setup wrong.

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What budget is needed to have someone work on SEO Optimisation?

Its can be ongoing spend from $100 to $5k+ per month. Spend is only one part of the equation. - What are they exactly doing for your spend?- Can you accurately measure the performance and success?- Is it in line with your sales & marketing...

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Are debt collection agencies small business friendly or not?

Have used a few but only in extreme situations when we have exercised all efforts and the situation has blown out. By then they have a hard case, so it is difficult to know whether its them or the case which is making their service questionable.

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