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Executive Virtual Associate is a Virtual Assistance business providing admin support to busy business owners and leaders, giving them back some of their valuable time! Launched by Sam Spence in October 2012, it is the first Virtual Assistant Business to be recognised with the Australian Virtual Business Network (AVBN) as a Registered Australian Virtual Business (RAVB). We take care of the tasks you can't do, don't do or shouldn't do, allowing you to concentrate on what you want and need to do.


Sam Spence

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Wild Game Australia

Whilst we use Sam and her team for help with our website, product info sheets, special offers and other basic admin tasks, my favourite is that she keeps our debtors under control. Our customers know that when Sam calls they need to pay and we always receive positive feedback about their conversations with her. I completely trust Sam to be firm enough to get the money but in a respectful and friendly manner that helps maintain long term relationships with our customers. Love your work Sam !

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Blue Horizon Counselling Info

Sam and the EVA team have been support my business for close to 3 years. The feedback I receive from my clients when dealing with Sam has been excellent. It gives me a great deal of comfort, knowing that I can completely trust the EVA team to represent my company professionally in all dealings. In my business many different components are critical: customer service & inquiries, calendar management, compliance and also general administration. I find that professional support in completing these aspects has made a positive different to my business. Dr Yuliya Richard, Blue Horizon Counselling

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Kirstie Stockx

I have worked with Sam (Executive Virtual Associate) on a variety of different projects. She has always been extremely professional. I also love how Sam is driven when working with our business (or project) and is motivated to do what it takes to ensure that we are successful. Sam has a beautiful energy and I’m glad that we have plenty of opportunities to work together.

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Letitia Henderson

Professional Prompt Trustworthy I can leave Sam with my month of tasks & don't even have to sorry whether the work will be done to standard. It takes so much pressure off.

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Debbie Graham

Thanks Sam for the tip about verifying Facebook business pages. Mine is now done!!!






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