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At Forrest Marketing Group it is our professional sales team that has established us as the highest quality outsourced lead generation and telemarketing company in Australia. Every year they set thousands of qualified appointments that result in millions of dollars of new business for our clients. Representing your brand effectively is our priority which is why we recruit people who meet our high standards and we provide them with on-going training and support to develop their abilities.


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Iain Campbell

Wow the technology that this marketing call centre uses is amazing. They have really well trained staff, great systems, full reporting and they hit the KPIs. Better yet you can go into their office and meet and train the people who will working on your campaign. These guys are a cut above.

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Sara Bridges

FMG have been an investment that has paid itself 3 times over in the past 12 months. I can not speak high enough about the team and the work environment I was introduced to. They welcomed myself and any of my colleagues to come in and listen to the calls they were making whenever we like. We were more than happy with their professionalism over the phone, a far cry from the typical call centres we have used in the past. The staff were almost all Australian and well spoken (not like my previous experience from a competitor in the area, where the majority of the staff were clearly travellers and there seemed to be a high staff turnover- go figure.. Anyway, my rant is over and I will be going back to FMG if my calendar gets quiet again.. Thanks again to all the staff and your work.

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Gerald Garcia

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Kathleen Richards

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Taylor Bridge



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