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Inbound marketing agency with a special focus on CMO services to small and medium-size business who don't have an in-house marketing team.


Not for Profit Marketing

Social & Cultural Research

Not for Profit Marketing  

Non profit marketing is a passion of ours and we could talk about it all day but we won’t keep you. If you would like to find out how 4DP could specifically help your not for profit, contact us today to chat!  


Veterinary Marketing


Veterinary Marketing  

At 4DP, we’re specialised in the marketing of vet practices and hospitals. Yes, it’s specific, but we just love working with vets. As a full-service marketing agency, we can assist you with exactly those things you don’t have the time for, and it’s up to you to decide what that is. Whether you need  


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Services & Consultants

Marketing Strategy  

Here at 4DP, we try to look at marketing in a different way. Instead of your regular multi-channel marketing, where your product or service gets marketed through every channel separately, we look at the total package. We market you as a whole, no matter if you’re a company with a million dollar turn  



Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Here at 4DP, we try to look at marketing in a different way. Instead of your regular multi-channel marketing, where your product or service gets marketed through every channel separately, we look at the total package. We market you as a whole, no matter if you’re a company with a million dollar turn

Which geographical areas does your business service?

We are working with companies in Australia and New Zealand. The majority of our meetings happen online via zoom.

What experience, certificates, and licenses does your business have to qualify for the job?

We are Hubspot, Infusionsoft and Active Campaign certified. We also hold certificates in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and are familiar in the set-up as well as operation of all Google Apps for Business.

Are there specific areas of your trade or industry that your business specialises in?

- Inbound Marketing - Content Marketing - Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing, including Facebook Ads - Google Ads - SEO - PR

How do you normally charge for your services?

We charge by the hour. per project or per campaign - depending on the scope of work. Our pricing and billing is transparent and resonable. We are located in a small country town and don't need to compete with metropolitan prices.

What makes your pricing competitive?

We are located in a rural country town and don't have the overheads a fancy-pants agency in Surry Hill would have :)

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Sonja Ceri answered a question

What is the best way to conduct market research for a new professional services venture?

The best way to start any research is, to begin with, your goals. First, outline clearly what you are aiming to achieve with your research. This will ensure your research has a clear scope and direction. Some broad areas of research are...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

What questions should you ask when choosing a social media agency?

 Ask to see previous examples of their work to gauge if they are able to create the type of content you are looking for. Also ask them to create 3 -5 pieces of content for your company and see if they are aligned with your message and they...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

What can SEO companies or agencies do for you?

Search engine optimisation is pretty crucial in this day and age. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. You definitely want your product or service to be in the top results of google searches so your potential...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

Are newsletters dead in email marketing?

 If you are producing useful information that people want to read then no - newsletters definitely aren't dead. If you are producing newsletters just for the sake of it then there isn't really much point. You could be putting your time...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

What are some of the best marketing ideas you've seen by small businesses?

If a small business can engage their audience I think this is the best type of marketing. If they can create a community around their brand their customers are more likely to remember them and use their products or services in the future. Some of...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

Can you still get leads or sales from Facebook without boosting post or buying ads?

 Yes, you can still get leads but it isn't nearly as easy as a paid campaign. You need to have a highly engaged audience who will share your content with their friends and have time up your sleeve to do implement and monitor. Or have really...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

What's your trick to increase click though rate from your landing pages?

 To increase click-through rate from your landing page you need to be providing relevant, valuable information targeted to your audience. This starts before they even get to your landing page - your Google Ads, Facebook or whatever is driving...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

Why should your small business outsource SEO?

Search engines scan your website to ensure they are providing their user with the best source of information. The aim of Search Engine Optimisation is ensuring your website will provide the best experience to your user - in turn being exactly...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

What's the best social media marketing strategy for a professional service business?

Social Media Marketing in the professional service industry has often been thought of as not exactly professional, or maybe you feel like you’re only doing it because you ‘should’ be. But the advantages of social media are massive...

Sonja Ceri answered a question

Why and when should you call a marketing or advertising agency for help?

So you started a new company. An online webshop where you sell your handmade jewelry. Or you launched an app to connect traders with the right people. Or you just published a book that you want to promote. You are probably extremely proud of your...

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Sonja Ceri

Sonja Ceri CMO Top 10% Sales and Marketing


Evolved Sound

When you need to reduce telephone hang ups, maximise communication opportunities in your store, and receive strategic marketing advice, Evolved Sound delivers results. We tailor radio stations for business, helping you build customer relationships, increase sales and sound fantastic. Our key...


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