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HR Consultant for Small Business - HR Support and Advice when you need it - Protect yourself from Fair Work Breaches and have that peace of mind in times of turbulence with an HR Expert supporting you along the way.

As a business, Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd have made it our mission to protect business owners from such circumstances and get them compliant and their teams productive. Our hr consulting firm is working to empower every business by setting solid foundations and ensuring that when faced with difficult employees, facing a claim of unfair dismissal, Bullying, Harassment or working to build a solid workplace culture we have you covered.

Current Offers

HR support (phone and email)
Industrial and Employee Relations

HR support (phone and email)  

5 hour HR Support for small business

HR Support in blocks of time – (time is logged in 30-minute intervals) – we charge this Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm in 30min time slots and hours outside of this charged in 1-hour time slots.  

From $795


What makes your pricing competitive?

We do not operate a call centre but instead have a personal service. When you call you get the expert every time and do not get placed on hold whilst an answer is sought but get that answer then and there. (unless we need to go an investigate)

Is there a surcharge on public holidays?

Time is logged in 30-minute intervals – we charge this Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm in 30min time slots and hours outside of this charged in 1-hour time slots.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We send invoices to all our clients. New clients are required to make payment upfront on the first invoice and all following invoices are due within 7 days of invoice date.

Do you offer after-hours services?

We pride ourselves on being there when you need us not just in business hours.

How is your business insured and what guarantees do you provide your customers?

We carry our professional indemnity insurance.

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How much do HR consultants charge?

The outcome of the project or service offered will determine how much the cost should be. This aligns with the previous responses. It would be amiss to also not acknowledge the academic and educational aspects of the consultant. Some work very hard...

Paulette McCormack answered a question

When should you say no to new business?

When you feel that the business is not aligned with what you believe and when they do not hold the same value as you do to your service. Finally, if they get you to discount your price. I once let another business do all those and it ended in...

Paulette McCormack answered a question

How has your professional services business responded to COVID 19?

I own and operate a Human Resource/ Employment Relations consultancy and for us during the uncertain time it was important to be there for our clients so we extended our available times to chat on general matters - or actually anything at all as...