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We are a multi-disciplined team specialising in small to mid sized Australian business looking for a complete solution for their advertising and marketing needs. Our solutions are modern, creative, innovative, affordable and measurable driving improved performance for all of our clients. We treat your expenditure with the utmost care, adding value and generating genuine ROI within reasonable time frames through expertise in campaigns, branding, design, content, advertising, digital & social media. At Gardner Dixon Hall it is not just about pretty pictures, it is about strategic, well researched creative formulae that produces results. We believe in the power of marketing and customer thinking to help businesses perform.

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Craig Gardner answered a question

How much does it cost to print marketing materials like brochures, stickers and banners?

This is always a tricky question to answerThere are the 2 elements to this 1. design & then, 2. printing. If your design can provide an economical way of printing then that works for all parties and some printers will package up your needs.1000...

Craig Gardner answered a question

Which are the top printing services in Australia?

The "Snaps" are now a very large franchise - even many banks use them for the procurement for each branch so the quality is improved dramatically.It's too hard a question as it depends on print requirements.All printers are unique.

Craig Gardner answered a question

What are the pros and cons of using online printing services?

convenience vs controlThe DTP convenience improves ultimate efficiencies and costs but you need to be very very specific about stock and qtysThere are enough printers around willing to improve the process and reduce margins where you can discuss...

Craig Gardner answered a question

How much does business card printing costs?

there are many cheap offerings but good quality design and stock - allow $220 for 1000

Craig Gardner answered a question

What are the best video editors?

It depends on what you requireSome comapnies are self editing and some use a full edit suite and studio

Craig Gardner answered a question

What's the cost to hire videographers to produce a 10-minute corporate video?

Depending on a number of variables: whether the video is hosted and what it is shot on and with.To have a video, written script, directed, shot with camera man and sound guy at a location, not hosted and a reputable supplier the cost would vary...

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Craig Gardner

Craig Gardner Owner Top 10% Graphic Design


Ooze Studios

Your success is our measure of victory. We get up in the morning to find ways to help our clients grow. We combine the best methods in business innovation, dev, design and marketing to create an unstoppable force for your brand. We create objective-focused strategies that are ROI-driven to...

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