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Brisbane interior designer Gary Hamer specialises in all aspects of interior design and decoration of people’s homes and apartments in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Our aim is to improve people's lifestyles through design. We focus on longevity in design, not on trends and fashions, and provide innovative, personalised and lasting solutions to clients’ design needs. We believe that interior design and decorating advice should be accessible to everybody, and that it should be a po


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Paul Crawley

Gary helped us re-design and renovate our house after we completely gutted the interior. He helped with everything from the floor plan, colour scheme, cabinetry design and introduced us to some great trades people. Three years later we still get Gary in for advice on furniture and styling and I feel like we are really unlocking the full potential of the space. Gary is excellent to work with, is very flexible with ideas but keeps us on track with the overall direction of the design. I would highly recommend him for any size project.

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rob d'alessio

I contacted Gary after many failed attempts at trying to decorate myself and two quite expensive goes at working with designers in the past (with no result). I was finding it impossible to make decisions on my own and I didn't want to just get the 'cookie cutter' design approach that I had experienced, ie. have a single discussion with the designer and then wait for an expensive proposal to come back without any further discussion. From the outset Gary was willing to work collaboratively with me so that we could talk through ideas together. The end result was better (and less expensive) than I expected. Gary continued to call and visit our place throughout as well to make sure things were perfect and/or reassure us when something would arrive that wasn't quite what we expected. Now that most things are in place we really love our new space. Gary's work and guidance has really changed our lives.

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Glenda Mann

I'm so pleased I had Gary help with the decorating of my apartment. I know without his expert help and guidance I would have made a lot of mistakes. Gary was able to make all rooms flow and have continuity. Gary has great taste and style which is now reflected in my apartment.



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