George Rechnitzer & Associates Pty LtdCanaan Athens County, OH 4570

George Rechnitzer & Associates Pty Ltd

Transport, postal and storage

Po Box Wayne National Forest Athens Ranger District Marietta Unit, Canaan Athens County, OH 4570

ABN 41676763261
EST 1989


Dr Rechnitzer has conducted extensive work in road safety, crash worthiness (cars, trains, trucks and other mobile equipment), occupational health and safety, accident and incident investigation, analysis and countermeasure development for injury prevention. Dr Rechnitzer has carried out a number of in-depth investigations for the State Coroner of Victoria, as well as consultancies on vehicle safety-related projects for BHP, Australia Post, SECV and the Australian Industrial Relations Commission

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Po Box Wayne National Forest Athens Ranger District Marietta Unit

Canaan Athens County

OH 4570

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