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Powered by artificial intelligence, Jean learns what’s important to your business, scours thousands of online sources and makes reco...


Finally. The social marketing help every business needs. Fresh Ideas: personalised social ideas for your business. Powered by powerful artificial intelligence, Jean learns what’s important to your business. Drawing from more than 200K online sources, Jean then makes recommendations for brand, news, industry and event ideas that will keep your audience engaged. Make your post: Jean helps you craft and schedule the perfect post! You can go from post idea to crafting text and imagery in minutes.

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Killer Email Marketing Campaign Ideas For Restaurant & Cafe Owners

Killer Email Marketing Campaign Ideas For Restaurant & Cafe Owners

Let's talk about e-mail marketing and about how different it is from the social media... read more


Travis Longmore answered a question

What makes a successful marketing strategy?

Hoping this isn't overkill but I'm a HUGE believer in having a really strong marketing strategy. I've been working on one for clients that generally works really well. It can take a bit of time but it's well worth the effort I...

Travis Longmore answered a question

What Do You Find The Best Strategy For Twitter Advertising?

've used Twitter personally for a long time and have used it for various brands over the years as a marketer. I'd say there are really three areas Twitter really shines. Customer service. For one brand, we used it almost exclusively to...

Travis Longmore answered a question

Whats the best method when advertising via Instagram?

There are two elements to this. One is actual paid advertising and the other is organic posting. For organic posting, choosing your hashtags and timing is the two key areas. I spend time finding relevant hashtags in the industry I'm...


Travis Longmore

Travis Longmore Social Strategist Top 10% Sales and Marketing


Fruitful Online SEO

We help Google find your website and bring you traffic and clients. Therefore helping you to grow your business into the future. We specialise in SEO for Websites built in WordPress and Businesses who want to attract clients from their local area. We only do SEO (search engine optimisation) and...


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