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Gidget Media offers communications solutions for your business or organisation. With a wealth of experience in the arts, education and not-for-profit sectors, Gidget Media can handle anything words or web. My services include copywriting, web content writing, business writing, editing, proofreading, website builds, social media strategy and more.

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Kate McMahon answered a question

Who knows how much do copywriters charge to write a web page?

Hi Ananda, I'm a copywriter specialising in Web Content (have been employed full time at large organisations as a web content writer) and the average optimal web-page will generally cost you around $80 per page for a good writer. As I can see, that...


Kate McMahon

Kate McMahon Owner-Operator


Straight Talk Group

Frustrated about.. Time? Team? Money? You’re in the right place to get things straight. We are a team of business specialists – coaches, consultants, and South Australian business veterans – who strive to give “straight up” business advice, coaching and mentoring. Business owners don’t come to...


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