G.J. Drivelines

G.J. Drivelines


308 Middleborough Road, Blackburn, VIC 3130

ABN 26590635521
EST 1983


Here at GJ Drivelines, thanks to our decades of experience and expertise, we know exactly what makes a top quality tailshaft. We are proud to have created three specialised drivelines for every type of rider. Our range includes the Street Series, Pro Series, and Race Series. We can also create fully customised tailshafts to your specifications.
Repair, strengthen and recondition your performance or industrial tailshaft with high-grade equipment and expert staff.
Repairing aluminium and steel tailshafts of all makes and models of vehicles. We can replace splines, flanges, yokes, and shorten, extend, straighten or retube your tailshaft.
Additionally, we can replace and repair their associated components, centre bearings universal and CV (constant velocity) joints.
Our premium quality tailshaft parts are sourced from reputable companies such as Hardy Spicer and Strange.


  • Mechanical Engineers