Greenlight ITC

Greenlight ITC

Information and communication technology

11 Help Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

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EST 2006


Even now in 2020, there is still a huge misconception about how people understand and manage their data: especially for business owners. We want to empower people with the right knowledge and strategy to protect and make it a part of your essential skill-set as a team custom-tailored for your business.

Our passion is to educate as many businesses as possible to be cyber safe. With so many providers unprepared to face them, you need the right provider that can teach you the practical strategies and tools. As your team of expert Data Doctors, we specialize in data management for those that understand the value of technology in their business. Clients come to us because they know they need the help of a specialist when it comes to their IT health problems. When you find yourself in a bind or in need of support, we don’t provide you with band-aid solutions. We provide you with a path to secure your business in the long term no matter the size and shape.