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GrowingBeyond Pty Ltd


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We believe businesses need a better solution to dispute resolution than is provided by litigation. We work with clients to provide an independent mediator to assist in resolving disputes without the time, cost and stress of litigation. We also coach businesses to get the best outcomes from their negotiations.


  • Business Consulting
  • Legal
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution

What we offer

Negotiation Coaching
Business Consulting

Negotiation Coaching  

We work with you to assist in preparing for your significant negotiations so you can get the best results possible with the least amount of stress.  

From $165

Dispute mediation
Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Dispute mediation  

We step in as an independent neutral party to assist you and and the party you are dispute with to facilitate a productive negotiation and help you to arise at a solution that is acceptable to all parties.  

From $1,500

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Popular Q&A

Nicole Davidson answered a question

How do you handle requests for refunds on non-refundable deposits for cancelled events due to COVID19?

My answer here is from a conflict resolution perspective rather than a legal perspective.  Firstly, from a legal perspective, there is a possibility that the party may be entitled to a refund if either "force majeure" or...

Nicole Davidson answered a question

How much does it cost to hire a litigation lawyer for a mediation?

Hello,I am a commercial mediator who specialises in helping people avoid litigation.  Without knowing the size or complexity of the matter I can only give you a ballpark figure which would be $1,500 to $5,000.  This also depends on who you...