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Jill Brennan is a marketing trainer, consultant and founder of Harbren Marketing.

After working with, for and in small businesses for 20+ years, she has had a front row seat to the confusion and frustration that plagues many business owners when it comes to marketing.

So she's on a mission to empower as many business owners as possible to make better decisions and get the tools they need to grow their business.


Marketing Reboot
Marketing Services & Consultants

Marketing Reboot  

Review existing marketing setup and create a new strategic marketing plan together with a branding and collateral update.  



Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Having worked with small business owners for many years, I have a practical approach to marketing planning that creates the foundations for growth. Able to provide ongoing mentoring for staff so that the business is able to respond to any changes in the market.


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Popular Q&A

Jill Brennan answered a question

What’s the cost of graphic design services to create a logo and other visual branding for a new business?

As Justine and David have said there is a broad price range when it comes to branding and logo creation.  If cost is the main focus you can go onto somewhere like Fiverr.com and get a logo for a few dollars.  Once you have the image files...

Jill Brennan answered a question

Is it better to outsource your marketing or keep it in-house?

Given the complexity and range of skills required for marketing the ideal setup is a mixture of both inhouse and outsourcing.Having your own inhouse expertise, even if its only one person, gives you better understanding of how marketing works...

Jill Brennan answered a question

What are some of the best marketing ideas you've seen by small businesses?

Dollar Shave Club video focusing on the customer and less on the product and doing it with humour.  It's been watched over 25 million times on YouTube.AirBnB were a struggling start up before they realised they needed to move to where their...

Jill Brennan answered a question

What's your trick to increase click though rate from your landing pages?

Split-testing is the best way to work out what is going to make a difference to your conversion rate.  A simple A/B test (this is where you create two variations of your landing page and send equal amounts of traffic to each until one is...

Jill Brennan answered a question

How important are SEO and outbound links in blog copy?

Its good to have a couple of outbound links but inbound links are more important because they are like votes.  The more inbound links to your website (preferably by highly ranked or authority websites) then the more valuable your content...

Jill Brennan answered a question

Jill Brennan answered a question

What's the best way to get leads with highest conversion ratio?

The best conversion rate usually comes from being super-targeted with your promotions.  Some examples are:using Facebook advertising to narrowing your criteria for your ad to appearon Google Adwords by selecting particular publications to...

Jill Brennan answered a question

What are your best digital marketing tips for 2018?

Email marketing is still a great option, its not new but it has worked well in the past and can continue to work well. Yes, everyone already gets a lot of email but it works because you're talking to people that already know you. You've gained a...

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