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HEA Enterprise Pty Limited

Mining and resources

Ashtonfield, NSW, 2323

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HEA Enterprise Pty Ltd 45 Tipperary Drive, Ashtonfield NSW 2323 Blasting Specialist - Engineering Consultant - Mining Company - Drilling Contractor HEA Enterprise Pty Ltd. is an Australian based blasting and drilling specialist engineer company that cover's all surface blasting applications. The people at HEA Enterprise are dependable, reliable and accountable with expertise built on over many years in the mining industry.


Engineering Blast & Drill Solutions for Constructions

Construction Management

Engineering Blast & Drill Solutions for Constructions  

In construction there is little room for error with no tolerance for flyrock and excessive environmental damage. This is why we strive to provide tailored blasting solutions that not only take into account these restrictions but also the needs of our customer and the community. Our advice and blasting solutions have been applied in the most extreme environments even those considered too difficult.  


Drill and Blasting Solutions Open Cut Coal


Drill and Blasting Solutions Open Cut Coal  

HEA combines technical knowledge and experience to deliver logical field applications so our customers get more coal, with less loss at a lower cost. By partnering with our customers we ensure the solutions provided improve productivity, reduce overall operational costs and have minimal adverse impact on the environment.  


Open Cut Hard Rock Drill and Blasting Solutions

Blasting Contractors & Equipment

Open Cut Hard Rock Drill and Blasting Solutions  

Dilution impacts from blasting, Advanced initiating timing, Advanced electronic initiation design, Effective blast design and impacts, Wall control, Geotechnical and geological constraints, Product and technology selection and implementation, Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting, Complete systems overhaul and development, Assessment of blasting based risk to operations, Blasting environmental impact assessment and development,
Training and mentoring of engineering and operational staff  


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