Heavenly HammocksSherwood, QLD 4075

Heavenly Hammocks


107 Long St W, Sherwood, QLD 4075

ABN 42 138 391 769
EST 2014


We sell hammocks from Brisbane, delivering Australia wide for free.

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How to Launch Your First Ecommerce Website Without Breaking the Bank

How to Launch Your First Ecommerce Website Without Breaking the Bank

This article will be a tutorial about how I started one of my Australian ecommerce website while... read more


Daniel Brady answered a question

What have been your biggest challenges in starting a business?

1. Growing sales further. Our sales are up 150% year-on-year, but higher would be better.2. Warehousing. Since recently, we've been using a fulfilment warehouse (Brisbane Logistics). It works pretty well except that their Toll delivery charges...

Daniel Brady answered a question

What Is The Most Important Thing You Learned About Your Business?

Ebay as an additional sales channel has both positives and negatives, but overall it's worth using: It adds incremental sales, allowing for lower cost imports. It works for some of our categories but not others. Eg. small items that China...

Daniel Brady answered a question

How do I get retailers to stock my products on their shelves?

I'm interested in an answer too.One option that will get half an answer is to ask your wholesale competitors for a price catalogue. That should give you a rough idea of what they charge to retail customers.



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