HR Work Doctor

HR Work Doctor


206 High Road, Riverton, WA 6148

ABN 54100871716
EST 2019


HR Work Doctor provide pre employment medical Perth, WA. We also provide Drug & Alcohol Testing, Mask & Earfit, Medical History Questionnaire, Urinalysis, DAS -Instant and/or Laboratory (Drug and Alcohol Screen), Alcohol Breathalyser, Height, Weight, Blood pressure, BMI, Vision, Distance, Near and Peripheral Vision, Colour Vision, ECG (Resting), Medical Examination, Musculoskeletal, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Dynamometer - Grip Test, Audiometry (including WorkCover), Spirometry, Quantitative Respirator Fit (Mask Fit), Rail Category 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Drivers, Diabetes (Blood Glucose levels and HbA1c on request), Lipids (Cholesterol), Xray Imaging, Occupational Vaccinations, Sleep Apnoea Assessment, Shot Firer’s Assessment, Dangerous Goods Assessment, Nickel Allergy Assessment, K10 Assessment, Heat Stress Assessment. We also provide services to pre employment medical Riverton and surrounding suburbs in Perth.


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