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Hystericalz Pty Ltd is a smartphone application Sydney-based start-up. It's current primary application is Kinetic!, an original and exciting social network application has just been released. Please check it out on both iPhone and Android phones for a free install and give a rating/review to bump it up the charts!



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Anil Parakkad

Anil Parakkad
CEO at Data template PVT LTD

Neil Steggall

Neil Steggall
Partner at Wardour Capital Partners

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Ling Lee
at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

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Hi all,

I was just wondering about the treatment about some home expenses. I know that if you work from home you can deduct expenses (gas, electricity, utilities) depending on the use or percentage of area compared to the whole house. What is the best way to calculate the area? 

I'm a company, so does this differ at all to small business or the treatment is the same? 

Also if I enter the home expenses to my personal tax return, is there anything else I need to enter in my company tax return or that should be fine? 

And for laptops, I can write it off immediately if it's under $6500 as a company, but as an individual, I can only write it off if it's $300 or less? Does this mean it's better for me to put it in the company tax return? I'm just a bit confused between what I should put down on my personal return and the company tax return since I am both. 

This is my first company year so feel free to let me know of anything else I should keep in mind. Thanks.

Asked by Eric Phuah
Category: Taxation

I'm completing my GST statement for the first time for my smartphone app business and was wondering, for revenue that I receive for displaying ads based on users duration and them clicking through, is this considered a 'sale' for GST purposes? So do I need to put it down as G1 Total Sales? Also I'm pretty sure, but to confirm, there should be no GST amounts in the revenue I receive?

Asked by Eric Phuah
Category: Taxation



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