I Want That CRM

I Want That CRM

Business administration and support

Ground Suite 1 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006

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EST 2015


Fully qualified business process consulting. Better workflows enable you to capture leads better, acquire and retain customers, and ensure staff are well employed.

We sell, support, train and do customisation for a better CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for SMEs. We also help with integration of all Zoho products, including Zoho Campaigns, SalesIQ and Recruit.


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Popular Q&A

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

Has social media marketing really worked for anyone on here?

Had to put my two cents, since I know Jeanette is very up with the online world. The experience I have had with SMM is: a) it's a daily slog in building an audience even with my creative talents, only brightened by sharing 'real tips' in the...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

Which email database provider do you use?

I use Vision6, Mailchimp, and now Zoho Campaigns. I think ease of use, mobile templates, and subscription form that is flexible are the most important features. I have had troubles with Mailchimp subscription forms but usually can get round it with...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

Someone said 'consultant' is a bit wishy washy these days. Thoughts?

You could use Specialists instead!add Adult if target market is adults. ie Adult Education Specialists.

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What do you do to drive calls to your small business?

I base all my marketing on the gravitational marketing idea, so I don't have to cold call. I also connect to others who I think would be interested, and keep in touch with them on LinkedIn through some Pulse articles, comments on their articles...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What are ways to increase my SEO ranking in Google for my start-up photo booth business?

Hi there Starting up my book coaching & publishing business three years ago I thought I would never make it with SEO, but after using Upcity for two months (a tool, bit like Moz), I found that I was getting better rankings and a few enquiries as...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

Are Facebook promoted posts a bad idea?

As I recently found out, they are only good if you know you will attract the audience who are really interested. Likers need to be people who are similar others, not someone in India or in high school etc. (More for Facebook Ads) You can upload a...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

How feasible is 30-40k a month doing web design and SEO as a new company?

HiI think Dennis means revenue from his business. The SEO (old model) ship has sailed, so you could think of more innovative terms, eg: Social influence Automated Marketing funnels - with Web & Landing Page designCreative Viral Marketing If you want...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What are the steps of creating a content marketing strategy that works best for SEO?

Just to add to that, my blog attracts people due to the fact I used tools that help with being listed everywhere in my category, and researched what writers most want to know about - both in keyword search and in a LinkedIn author group. Writing a...

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What does it mean to whitelabel your wordpress website?

I believe this means to sell it on to clients so that they can use it under your brand (not the actual builder). e.g. WebPresences develop sites for website designers.

Jennifer Lancaster answered a question

What's the best way to learn digital marketing?

Hi there Opal, I'm a bit of a learn-at-home kind of gal. I started in 2009 with the huge book "SEO: An Hour a Day", added in some optimising our own websites with Wordpress Yoast SEO (a plug in, but also a learning tool), learnt some insights from...

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