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Drive the City in Style with iCHAUFFEUR AUSTRALIA iChauffeur Australia - branded as one of the most promising chauffeur services for over twenty years in the Melbourne industry and beyond. As a family owned business, iChauffeur Australia's aim is to provide a homey feel to business travellers who will spend most of their time in a car than sitting around a table. Concentrate more on your business. Leave the Car, the Road, and the Driving to the first-class chauffeurs in Australia.


Luxury Wedding Cars Melbourne

Luxury Wedding Cars Melbourne

Your special day deserves only the best. Whether you wish for your bridal party, groom, parents, relatives or special guests to be Chauffeur driven to your wedding or special occasion, make iChauffeur Australia your first choice. Head on to the iChauffeur Australia’s Official Page to get the latest chauffeur car services, events, happenings, and updates in Melbourne and beyond. Log on to www.ichauffeuraustralia.com.au and book today!

Luxury People Movers / SUVS

Luxury People Movers / SUVS

For the love of travelling with larger groups, whether it's a family trip, corporate business trips, or you don't want to miss the next big game of your favorite team - Luxury People Movers/SUVS – are the answer.

Luxury European Cars

Luxury European Cars

For those who want to experience Luxury European Cars. WE have Cars under this category that are 4 seat European car standard which are not just for meeting in Melbourne but also are excellent for corporate business trips to regional areas in Victoria, and let’s not forget but weddings and special events as well.

Luxury Town Cars

Luxury Town Cars

When it comes to chauffeured travel from Melbourne Airport to business locations, Luxury transport for weddings, special events, sporting events, chauffeured services for visiting sports people and entertainers in Melbourne and Regional Victoria high on the list of requirements is a comfortable, safe, chauffeured service.

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IChauffeur Australia

IChauffeur Australia Sales Marketing


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Would it be great if you only need one tool for work? One tool that allows you to work in the office and out of the office. Rugged Computing specialized in rugged computers that allow you to do just that. We provide full Windows PC in a form of a tablet or smartphone or laptop that you can bring...


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