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Inspired Design provides high-quality wedding invitations. We have a huge range of wedding invites and engagement invitations. Shop our full range online today!

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Very disappointed!!! Walked in to get a quote on 150 invites and was not even acknowledged. Was walking around for 10 minutes just waiting for someone to come out when they clearly heard I was in store and kept saying hello. You are a local business for me that I could have potentially done my wedding invitations with, but you obviously lack basic customer service skills considering you could see me through through you "see through window screen". Not sure why you even have a see through window or door beep when you cant simply come out and say hello to a customer that walks in and stays for 10 minutes needing service. Will not go back and would not recommend to anyone what a waste of my time.

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Despina created my engagement invitations, i cannot thank her enough for her great work, and eye for detail. She knew i was in urgent need of them and made sure i had the invitations the exact same day. Thankyou Despina at inspired design 😊

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I was absolutely pleased with my invitations by Inspired Design. The team were very helpful and we were very impressed with their customer service, wedding invitation designs, the care and attention to detail with our invitations They also created an assembled sample mockup invitation design to show us what it would look like before they went to print I was so happy we visited their retail store in Preston store to look at their designs than taking our chance with any other online supplier. Bricks and Mortar suppliers are still my preference as you can see what you will get. I will definitely recommend Inspired Design to any bride and groom for their wedding invitations.

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The service was great. The staff were accommodating and very professional. We developed our own design for our wedding invitations. Inspired Design knew exactly what we were after. The finished product was of high quality and exceeded our expectations. They were also reasonably priced.

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Just wanted to Thank the Team at Inspired Design for helping us form our ideal Invitation (Absolutely Fantastic End Result). As it was a combined invitation both Wedding & Christening the team helped us come up with a solution to accommodate both events on the one invite. The whole process from start to end was fantastic and we were very pleased with the Final Result. A special Thank You to Despina for continually answering our questions and helping us with various solutions. Most importantly the Team managed to meet the specified Deadline without any hassles. Will definitely recommend using Inspired Design to family and friends. Vele, Nade and Pavel

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