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We are a boutique accounting firm working exclusively with niche health, fitness and beauty brands to fast-track their business growth. We are as knowledgeable and passionate about the wellness industry as we are about tackling their books, with over 25 years of experience in tax and finance to back our love of the barbell. We help our clients set measurable goals with realistic time frames. then give them the tools and support to grow their bottom line. We know the competition for small businesses in this industry is rife. We help our clients become financially fit and standing strong in the face of competition.

Current Offers

The Iron Wheel
Business Coaching

The Iron Wheel  

The Iron Wheel Program is a one year, six-step intensive coaching system designed to support business owners in their success and fast-track their future profits  

Project cost from $5,995

Business Acceleration Package

Business Acceleration Package  

1. Business Planning
A planning session that identifies your 12 month and 90 day goals and actions, culminating in a dynamic Business Plan.

2. Cashflow Forecast
Preparation of a 3-way integrated Cashflow Forecast

3. Quarterly Coaching
Structured 90 day coaching to ensure you reach your goals  

Project cost from $4,500

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What is the profile of your ideal customer? e.g. industry, size of business, revenue, number of employees and so on.

Your are a health and fitness practitioner who is extremely skilled at what they do best but aren't as good at the 'business' or 'numbers' side of the equation. You are a sole trader or have a staff of up to 10 and are looking for exponential business growth in the next 12 to 36 months. You are happy to work in partnership with an adviser to elevate your business to the next level.


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3 Critical Ingredients You Need to Build a Successful Business ?>

3 Critical Ingredients You Need to Build a Successful Business

Proper planning is an essential ingredient throughout all phases of your business. Challenge your... read more

Popular Q&A

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

If you are providing services based on time and skill, how would you work out profit?

Hi Jennifer!  There are 2 schools of thought on this topics.  Firstly, some believe 'value billing' is the best approach.  i.e. what would a third party be willing to pay for the service (regardless of the cost it takes to...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

What are the most important accounting issues for a small business to consider?

Reconciling services / products provided with cash received Choosing the right software Managing cash flow Managing accounts payable Forecasting sales for the month and year ahead Sitting down with your adviser on a regular...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

How do you sell to consumers in an environment that hates sales?

If you are genuinely helping consumers you never end up selling, simply helping.  By coming from the view point of 'how can I help this person' you never sell a day in your life.  

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

Why do Australian startups fail?

In my experience, when startups fail its because they haven't answered the "why" question properly.  It always comes back to the "why".  Why am I in business?  Why would my clients choose me?  Why would a...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

How much do small businesses really make?

Excellent question Narine.  This is actually a fairly accurate reflection of the size and scale of most small businesses in Australia.  Around 2 million of the total 2.2 million small businesses in Australia employ less than 19 people...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

Should you use a template for business planning, or is it just too complex to do with a template?

This is an excellent question!  For me, and the work I do with my clients, the answer is - there has to be some template/standardised parts to it, but the 'guts' of it has to be organic and client specific.  Also, these plans need...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

Is MYOB Cloud accounting software the worst accounting software in the world?

MYOB has been great features and has been on the market for a long time.  For many years in fact it was the software of choice.  For a client that is well established on MYOB and is using their job costing and inventory systems I would...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

What are the must-have features in a small business cloud accounting software?

The ability to sync with other systems in use in the business, such as point of sales systems, cash flow forecasting software or inventory systems.  

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

What is the best bookkeeping and accounting software for sole traders?

Yes, an excel spreadsheet can work effectively, but this can become complicated if the sole trader is registered for GST.  Tracking GST and submitting BASs can be made much easier by the use of cloud accounting software.  Moreover,...

Stephanie Mellick answered a question

What is the best accounting software for an enterprise?

This is a great question, but one that's not easy to answer.  To  use a classic tax problem answer; 'it depends'.  It depends on the size and complexity of the enterprise, the number of employees, the server or other IT...

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