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ITonCloud is a medium sized, highly focused company operating in the small, medium and enterprises arena providing Cloud solutions effectively and uniquely to meet its customers business needs. ITonCloud is about removing the roadblocks that traditional on site infrastructure is proving to be allowing business to be agile and free from the shackles of the server room! Not any more, welcome to ITonCloud helping business evolve.

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Risk considerations - cloud or in-house

Risk considerations - cloud or in-house

There are a number of issues to consider when deciding on which cloud provider to use or whether... read more

I am often asked -private cloud, public cloud or the old Inhouse server room? here is my take.

I am often asked -private cloud, public cloud or the old Inhouse server room? here is my take.

Technology doesn’t generate revenue for most companies. Business processes powered by technology... read more


Andrew Tucker answered a question

How to assist my staff wanting to bring their own devices to work?

Phil, for this very reason cloud computing/hosted desktop becomes a very strong argument. Let me explain, as everything is stored on the servers in the datacentre by your cloud provider it alleviates a number of issues. Let's start with concerns...

Andrew Tucker answered a question

What backup recovery measures do you have for your business?

Henrick, You do have a point about data sovereignty. We come across it quite a bit for companies that are using either Office 365 or Google apps who deal with personal data. These companies tend to be in the financial and medical fields where...


Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker CEO Top 10% Cloud Computing


Rugged Computing

Wouldn't it be great if you can use your PC anywhere you need to go without running out of battery halfway? Wouldn't it be great to be able to bring your PC to anywhere you need to go, even on job sites that are dusty, muddy or even wet? Rugged Computing specialized in rugged computers that...


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