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Ben helps executives, managers & team leaders to influence human behaviour and in essence get more out of individuals and teams in terms of execution and results. He helps both leaders and employees elevate excellence in today’s workplace.He does this by teaching three specific skill sets: 1. Dealing with having too much to do 2. Staying cool under pressure 3. Influencing Behaviour -(Presenteeism, Absenteeism, Underperforming staff, Demotivated Teams, Facilitating Performance)


Manager Mastery

Training & Development

Manager Mastery  

Training & workshops that explores how leaders & managers can influence behaviour and get more out of individuals and teams in terms of execution and results.  


DISC ADVANCED® Behavioural Profiling

Training and Development

DISC ADVANCED® Behavioural Profiling  

Explores How To Improve Communication & Performance Problems With Your Teams

The DISC ADVANCED® Profile is very easy to use. Unlike other “personality tests”, it is designed specifically for the workplace  


Maximising Job Performance

Training and Development

Maximising Job Performance  

Enhancing Self Leadership To Maximise Job Performance In A Workplace Of Rising Demands, Leaders And Individuals Must Expand To Guarantee Sustainable High Performance
Learn the two specific 'skillsets' of
1. Dealing With Having Too Much To Do
2. Staying cool & Perform Under Pressure  


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Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young Speaker | Coach | Trainer | Top 10% Leadership


Jirsch Sutherland

Established in 1984, Jirsch Sutherland is a national specialist insolvency firm. Jirsch Sutherland services accounting, legal and finance firms as well as organisations across all industry sectors. The firm conducts business in a fair and ethical way and has a reputation for delivering results that...


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