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Incorporated in 1993, John Gribbin Realty has been recognized as the most reputable and trusted real estate agencies in Townsville. We have been serving the real estate needs of Townsville residents for over 22 years and lead the industry in professionalism and individual service. Our experts help you to find your dream home at the price you wish or get your home sold for the best possible price within your time frame.


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Scott Neale

Rented a few years ago. What a nightmare. Noticed the counter staff have an "attitude" as soon as they know your renting. The inspection upon leaving was beyond ridiculous. Picking on the most trivial things after we killed ourselves cleaning the place. Ended up in court to only get half our bond back. Would NEVER rent or have these people manage my properties.I bought the house a few years later.

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Kyle Griffiths

Staff are friendly and helpful but their repair request forums don't do anything. Either that or the owner of my apartment just doesn't care that his property is disintegrating.

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Trann Ma

Absolutely appalling service, all the girls has soo so much attitude even when you make an extra effort to be polite. No one wants to take responsibility of work, discussed with a girl about the landlord sending someone to put up the dryer yesterday and today got served by the girl sitting next to her where she said aloud ‘let’s see what happened with that I thought someone requested that to be done already’ the girl that said she’d do something about it yesterday heard it and totally ignored her and pretended not knowing anything about our situation. We’ve been able to speak to most of the girls there at front, and not one of them has given us professional and sufficient assistance, like they’re always too busy for people. Very condescending.

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Hayden Kerr

If I could rate 0.5 stars I would, just horrible service. Rental agents should try to get the best service for their clients but this group are only interested in ensuring their property are filled. Horrible service and just sheer negligents will ensure I never rent with them again.

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Regis Pineal

Very organized and effective. Just high number of paper work



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