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Electricity, gas, water and waste services is a trusted and respected electrician in Joondalup, serving both commercial and residential customers. We are fully equipped to undertake any and all electrical works that you need. We offer complete service packages for all your home and commercial needs.


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Just Chris

There is a sparky under your car and his name is Autospark 🤝

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Took my Maloo in for re-gas Parked it in shed and flew to site came back to car 2 weeks later had dropped it's gas never having been used. Take 2; don't give the car back to me unless it's fixed. Another $1000+. Drive car 100m down road a/c starts zone splitting and shooting up wind screen. Take 3; drop car in there again, they fix the zone splitting but now my center console is loose as the brackets are now broken (apparently magically). Take 4; the kid puts a shotty metal clip in it with 5mm+ of play in it. I make payment then go back to car, tools left in it and between a clip and it being secure is paper. Leave feeling pretty fired up then look at my $1500 DVD display and it has a 1.5 Inch scratch across it. It cost me $1300 and about 6hours of to and fro to have my center console broken, $1500 DVD scratched and an a/c that still is not fantastic. And then be told I was really looked after on price. Mate I should be giving you the $1300 bill. The service used to be great and the owner had always done right by me, had never done anything but sing his praises yet when his guys totally screw the pooch he can't just say "sorry, will look after you on the next one". 5 years a customer and that's the treatment you get. Quality service is dead.

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James Cullis

Knowledgeable and g1ood service

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Frank Douce

Great place

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