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Kerr Capital provides advice and services to business owners on valuation, sale preparation, sales/exits/mergers, and acquisitions. Specifically this includes;

1. Business Owner's Diagnostic (B.O.D) - a pre-sale review covering valuation and saleability. It provides owners with a thorough understanding of what selling their business will involve and is suitable for owners at the 'thinking about' selling stage.

2, Tailored Exit Planning (T.E.P) - a comprehensive service for owners who are 'ready to sell'. Starts with a comprehensive review of the business , includes the development of a smart business sale strategy and finishes with the final sale (full or part) or merger. Typically our clients have a business with a value between $500K and $5M.

3. Do-it-yourself Business Sale program (D.B.S) - a packaged program that we developed to assist owners of micro, small and remote businesses. Typically owners using this program have businesses worth less than $500K.


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Business Owner's DIagnostic
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Business Owner's DIagnostic  

Business Owners Diagnostic (BOD) is a 4-part pre-sale program. It can be completed in a couple of weeks with just a few hours of owners time. It assesses potential business value, sale attractiveness and provides owners with a comprehensive understanding and recommendations on selling the business.  



Why should a customer hire your business over other service professionals?

Trusted advisors to small business owners since 2002. Because most of you won’t have sold before we know that “getting out” raises many questions and issues. Our advice and services work whether the sale process has already started, is being planned or is at the "just thinking about" stage.

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