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King Consulting HR

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Mortdale, NSW, 2223

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King Consulting are specialist Human Resources Management (HRM) Consultants in Sydney. We support small and medium size businesses by providing human resources consulting with a focus on driving profits with the existing team!

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Sonia King answered a question

Which are the best HR software solutions for small businesses?

There are so many but the best one is the one that will implement well with your existing software and has the most tools available to your business including Fair Work Compliant templates such as employment contracts. The software typically has an...

Sonia King answered a question

What's the best payroll software for a small business with 1-20 employees?

Xero or SAASU should be sufficient for a small business payroll and accounting system.

Sonia King answered a question

How much do HR consultants charge?

The correct question should be how much return on investment will a business gain from having a human resources consultant. Each HR Consultant is different and charges according to their area of expertise. The potential fines for non compliance with...

Sonia King answered a question

How to draft an ironclad contract when hiring a service provider?

When drafting a contract between yourself and a service provider you need to be very specific and detaild about what you are agreeing to and the deliverables. As well as who is responsible for what, and what will be the consequences of none...

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Sonia King

Sonia King Founder & Managing Consultant Top 10% Human Resources


Evans Faull HR

Evans Faull is an experienced and dedicated team of HR specialists who understand the unique people challenges that growing and medium businesses face. We provide flexible and cost-effective HR solutions, tailored for your business, and delivered by caring experts who are committed to achieving...

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